We match vision with vision.


The harder the job is to define, the harder the person is to find.  That's our specialty.

Tudor Lewis takes the vision you have of your ideal candidate and matches that with the vision of what someone else believes he or she can become.


C-Level Recruiting



If the title has Chief in it, then you need a special type of person to fill that role for your company.  We understand the qualities you want to see in the individuals you need to lead your business for years to come.

Tudor Lewis has spent decades filling these vital positions for corporations of all sizes.  Let us help you, too.


Complete HR Management


Human Resources is not just about hiring and firing.  It's about creating a system that allows your company to thrive.  We have the experience and the capability to manage all of your HR needs.  From establishing best practices policies to creating meaningful employee handbooks, we are your one-stop solution to help you get the most from your team.

Ask us about what we can do for you today.